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5 Cereal Wafers with Cranberry Sugar Free 50gms

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FIT cereal cookies with cranberry without added sugar are crunchy, tasty and very fruity.

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Cereal Biscuit with Sugar-free Cranberry

Fit cereal cookies with cranberry without added sugar are crunchy, tasty and very fruity. Sweets, although they are cookies without added sugar, but full of dried fruits. They contain natural sugars. They are a source of thiamine and up to five minerals: phosphorus, magnesium, iron, manganese and zinc. They contain whole oats and are distinguished by their high fiber content. Contains manganese, which contributes to the maintenance of healthy bones and adequate energy metabolism and helps to protect cells against oxidative stress *. No added palm oil.

  • Whole oats - 26%
  • Dried fruits - 21%
  • Without palm oil
  • No added sugar
  • A natural source of thiamine, manganese and phosphorus
  • High fiber content
  • Inulin compound - a natural prebiotic
  • Perfect for coffee and tea and as a nutritious snack: at home, at work, on the go. With yogurt and fruit, they will create a tasty shaped meal.
  • * Only one serving (50gr) of Fit cereal cranberry cookies eaten regularly as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle helps to achieve this effect on health.

    Ingredients: Wheat flour, 26% whole-grain oat flakes, 21.5% dried fruit [raisins: raisins, coconut oil; dates (dates, rice flour), dehydrated cranberry with 5% pineapple juice (cranberry, pineapple syrup, pineapple juice concentrate, sunflower oil)], sunflower oil, inulin, concentrated apple juice, magnifying agents: sodium carbonates (sodium bicarbonate); aroma.

    Allergie: May contain milk and soy

    Net weight: 50gr

    Expiration Batch: Consult packaging

    We inform you that the food products for sale in this online store may contain substances or products that cause allergies or intolerances. If you need it, ask for help or additional clarifications from our customer support.
    Nutritional value in 100 g of the product
    Energy value 1840 kJ / 439 [kcal]
    Fat 17 g
    including saturated fatty acids 2.1 g
    Carbohydrates 59 g
    including sugars 21 g
    Fiber 10 g
    Protein 7.5 g
    salt 0.45 g
    Thiamin (vitamin B1) 0.24 (22%) **
    Phosphorus 225 (32%) **
    Magnesium 69.9 (19%) **
    Iron 2.8 (20%) **
    Zinc 1.9 (19%) **
    Manganese 1.3 (66%) **
    * NRV-Reference Intake Value for an average adult (8,400 kJ / 2,000 kcal) -
    Aditional Information
    Weight 0.25 Kg
    • Liliana Faria 2021-01-26


    • Carlos França 2021-01-29

      Agradavel e pouco doce, um bom lanche

    • Anabela Ferreira 2021-01-29


    • Carlos Miguel Campos 2021-03-15

      Mesmo sem açúcar, saborosas

    • João Nunes 2021-08-18

      Bolachinhas saborosas. Ideais para aquele snack da tarde.

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