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5 White Chocolate Almond Protein Bar 55gr.

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With the convenience of being taken anywhere, our bars provide 20g of protein per serving.

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Protein bars promote increased muscle mass and physical recovery when consumed after training, as they ensure a sufficient supply of essential amino acids.

With the convenience of being taken anywhere, our bars provide 20g of protein per serving.

They are undoubtedly a healthy snack alternative, and are ideal for a practical and delicious meal at any time.

Another positive point is the feeling of satiety, which helps anyone who wants to lose weight or stay nourished in the rush of everyday life.

White Chocolate Almond Protein Bar:

  • 20G of Protein
  • 0% Palm Oil
  • No Sugars Added
Ingredients: White chocolate (28%) (sweetener (E965), cocoa butter, emulsifier (E322)), collagen peptides, MILK protein, humectant (E422), SOYA protein, ALMONDS (7.5%), sweeteners (E965), oligofructose, ALMOND paste (1.5%), coconut, sunflower oil, flavorings, tapioca starch, salt, emulsifier (E322), sweetener (E950), dye (E120).
Allergen Information: Contains NUTS.
Consume before: Consult packaging
Weight: 55 g 
Origin: Sweden
Conservation: Cool and dry place (16 ° C to 18 ° C)
Nutritional Information per 100 g: Energy Value: 403 kcal / 1681 kJ | Lipids: 18 g (of which saturated: 9.2 g) | Carbohydrates: 36 g (of which sugars: 4.2 g) | Proteins: 36 g | Salt: 0.57 g
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