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30017 soy protein 1kg

Soy Protein - 1kg

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100% isolated soy protein, 91% protein content, contains healthy isoflavones, sweetened with Stevia.

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Non-GMO soy protein 100% isolated, with almost no fat and carbohydrates. A naturally high content of glutamine, arginine and branched-chain amino acids provides soy proteins with the same protein value as casein, whey and egg, according to the WHO (World Health Organization). This value system is called PDCAAS and is determined by the quality of a protein, based on its amino acid content and digestibility (the maximum is 1). Research has shown that proteins isolated from soy do not influence estrogen production. Some studies have also shown an increase in the production of thyroxine T4, a hormone that regulates the speed of metabolism and can reduce triglyceride levels (which can be defined as our fat stocks. Fat molecules are synthesized and transported to the cells of fat with blood, where they will be stored as an energy reserve. If the blood triglyceride level is greater than 200 mg / dl, it may increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disorders and weight problems). This product is an excellent option for vegetarians, vegans and people with an intolerance to eggs, dairy products and their derivatives. The particularly high amount of certain amino acids makes it ideal for all athletes who want to increase their daily protein intake.


  • 100% soy protein isolate
  • 91% protein
  • Contains healthy isoflavones
  • Sweetened with Stevia
Preparation: 30 g (approx. 1 measure) / 250 ml of water.
Ingredients - Vanilla: Isolated protein (SOYA), aroma, sweetener E162.
Ingredients - Strawberry: Isolated protein (SOY), aroma, color (E162), sweetener E162.
Ingredients - Chocolate: Isolated protein (SOY), cocoa, aroma, sweetener E162.
Ingredients - Natural: Isolated protein (SOYBEAN).
Batch and consume preferably before: Consult packaging
Net Weight: 1 kg Origin: Sweden
Conservation: Cool and dry place in closed packaging
Nutritional Information per 100 g: Energy Value: 377 kcal / 1576 kJ | Lipids: 1 g (of which saturated fatty acids: 0.2 g) | Carbohydrates: 0.7 g (of which sugars: 0.2 g) | Proteins: 91 g | Salt: 0.3 g.
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Aditional Information
Weight 1.00 Kg
  • Patrícia Ribeiro 2021-01-24

    Proteína agradável com um toque suave a morango 😋

  • Pedro Gonçalves 2021-10-04

    Sabor muito agradável, apenas com um ligeiro aroma ao sabor escolhido. Bastante satisfeito com a minha compra.

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