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Pau de Cabinda 30 Cápsulas Price

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O Pau de Cabinda é proveniente da casca da árvore Pausinystalia macroceras. Contém propriedades estimulantes e afrodisíacas. Estimulante sexual potenciador da libido.

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Food Supplement
Pau de Cabinda is a potent natural aphrodisiac with immediate action. Combats problems of impotence and sexual frigidity.
Pau de Cabinda is one of the best known aphrodisiacs.
The authentic and genuine Pau de Cabinda, of almost immediate action, acts in a complex way on sexual physiology, potent aphrodisiac (combats problems of impotence and frigidity), super-strong stimulant and invigorator (sexual weakness and asthenia).
Pau de Cabinda has a synergistic, almost immediate action, which acts in a complex way on sexual physiology. It is a potent aphrodisiac (combats problems of impotence and frigidity). Stimulating and invigorating, Pau de Cabinda is indicated for weakness and sexual asthenia.
Food supplement indicated for:
  • Help to combat problems of impotence and frigidity,
  • Indicated in weakness and sexual asthenia,
  • Help dilate blood vessels, improve erection,
  • Greater availability and sexual appetite,
  • Help raise hormone levels, improving sex life in both sexes.
  • Pau de Cabinda is one of the best known aphrodisiacs. Coming from the bark of the tree with the same name, it can only be found in Angola, in the forests of Cabinda.
    Pausinystalia macroceras, Pau de Cabinda

    Per 4 capsules
    Pausinystalia macroceras, Pau de Cabinda - 600 mg
    Mode of Use
    Take 2 capsules before lunch and dinner, in case of greater need, you can take 2 more capsules.
    Preserve from light and heat. Keep out of reach and sight of children. Not recommended for people allergic or hypersensitive to any of the ingredients. Store in the original packaging and at a temperature below 25°C.
    Batch validity: consult packaging
    We inform you that the food products for sale in this online store may contain substances or products that cause allergies or intolerances. If you need it, ask for help or additional clarifications from our customer support.


Toma Diária: 4 cáps.

Modo de tomar: Tomar 2 cápsulas antes do almoço e do jantar. Em caso de maior necessidade poderá tomar mais 2 cápsulas.

Informação complementar
Toma Diária: 4 cáps. 6 cáps.
Doses por embalagem: 7 5
Pausinystalia macroceras 600mg 900mg
  • José Fernando Correia Ramos Ramos 2023-03-13

    Tenho tido resultados benéficos até ao momento.

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