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Fit In 2022: The Best Tips
  • 08 Jan 2022

Being fit is not just about exercising your body. It's also about having willpower, being persistent and sticking to your training and eating plans with discipline. Start today and take the opportunity to start the “2022 fit” journey with the best tips we have for you!

Tips to eliminate excesses from Christmas
  • 27 Dec 2021

Tick-tock, tick-tock, we are just days away from entering a new year and what do we want to leave in 2021? The extra kilos we gained thanks to French toast, dreams, king cake and all the “fats” that were so good on the Christmas dinner table but that, of course, we couldn't resist taking them to our mouths. So, it's time to start the goal: new year, new body.

Sugestão de prendas de Natal Fitben
  • 16 Dec 2021

Not even the best runner in the world likes to participate in a race we all know, the Christmas presents, right? It was with your comfort and well-being in mind that we created a list of gifts for that friend who is more (or less) athletic.

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